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STEM student working on STEM project

Most of you got into education because you wanted to have a positive impact on students.


Watching children learn and seeing lifelong passions discovered before our eyes is incredibly fulfilling. But the reality of teaching makes those moments harder and harder to find.


Educators who want to encourage students and put them on track for a lifetime of learning can do so by offering Club SciKidz STEM summer camps and after school programs.


Run your own successful business with a proven model that lets you make the most of the time you have outside of teaching.  Start part-time and grow at your own pace to build a successful business.  You can positively impact students, and reach your financial goals.


We’ve welcomed more than 150,000 happy campers across the US, while helping educators build successful businesses doing what they love.


Learn more about the benefits of owning a Club SciKidz franchise:


Rewarding and fulfilling work

Flexibility and control of your time

Financial stability from multiple income sources

A proven system with support that makes it easy

Fun and unique learning opportunities for students

A welcoming environment for entrepreneurs from any background


We’re here to answer any questions and share the experience of other teachers just like you who are building a business of their dreams while getting kids excited about STEM.

For many of our franchisees, the income from Club SciKidz exceeds their teaching salary, but our program makes it so easy to run your business, you can easily do both.


Club SciKidz offers a proven business model tailored to entrepreneurial educators like you.


Here’s why:


Collect payment before incurring expenses:

  • Summer camp registration peaks between October and December, then again from March to June.

  • Fees are paid ahead of time so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket for program expenses.

Low overhead, low expenses:

  • No brick-and-mortar expenses. 

  • Camps and after school programs are held at schools, religious venues, or community centers where facility fees are variable based on participation.

Variable expenses tied only to sales:

  • Most business expenses like project materials or labor for camp counselors are only incurred once students have signed up and paid. 

Multiple revenue streams:

  • While the majority of revenue comes from summer camps; year-round revenue occurs with in-school field trips, science assemblies, and other STEM enrichment programs. 

Build a sound financial future:


  • Typical franchisees have revenue of more than $500,000 while others are building million-dollar territories.  Margins are strong and easy to calculate. Club SciKidz is happy to show you how.

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